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Break free from body shame, ditch oppressive Diet Culture, and reconnect to your inherent worthiness.

I’m Sophia. If you’re ready for some bad-assery and rebelling against the hierarchy of bodies, then we should talk. 

Here’s a bit more about me:

Sophia Apostol helps womxn fall in love with their bodies. Certified as a Professional Coach (CPCC) and a Neuroscience Coach (CNTC), Sophia brings both education and the lived experience of being a fat woman into her work with clients.

Focusing on breaking free from body shame and Diet Culture and instead living from a place of authentic, radical confidence, Sophia helps her clients reconnect to their body’s deep wisdom and intuition so they can walk their life path from a place of greater groundedness, wellness, and aliveness.

Before becoming a Coach, Sophia worked for 15 years in the academic and corporate sectors. With experience as a librarian, university instructor, company trainer, knowledge manager, project manager, and sales director, Sophia is known and respected for her excellent communication skills and ability to create relationships. As a Coach, Sophia immediately builds trust and connection with her clients, honouring their distinctiveness, and creating an environment for personal and professional growth.

Her invitational tagline to “Grab Life By The Love Handles” demonstrates the passion and playfulness she brings to her work. Sophia has thousands of hours of individual and group coaching experience, and has worked for several organizations as a coach and facilitator, specializing in career & interview coaching, leadership development, and creative writing coaching. She believes in the absolute worthiness of every human and holds the vision of a more empathetic and connected humanity where everyone knows they truly belong.

She became a step-mom and suburbanite in 2019, is excited to plan a backyard wedding to the most wonderful partner, and loves taking monthly road trips to remind herself that the world is a beautiful, wondrous place.

Here’s what you can absolutely expect out of coaching together.  I’ve seen this magic happen so often that I call it “predictable magic.”


  • feel more confident.
  • feel in charge of your life.
  • feel connected to your body’s intuition & wisdom.
  • know that you have something to offer the world AND you’ll know how to bring it.
  • start to love yourself and practice radical self-care.
  • appreciate and be grateful for your body, exactly as it is.
  • know, with absolute certainty, that whatever life throws at you, you’ve got this!


I’ve been wishing for this level of self-acceptance for YEARS, and had pretty much given up on it happening. Sophia’s perceptiveness, compassion, and creative use of personal story were crucial in helping me through the most important transformation of my life. I have huge gratitude for that.

Vancouver, Canada

I was drawn to Sophia because I knew her to be someone who is smart, savvy and kind. I was facing some big changes in my life, and I needed some help making sense of these. I decided to hire Sophia because of her positivity, professionalism and willingness to truly listen and work with me. I feel like we are partners in this coaching journey!
Susan S.

Toronto, Canada

I sought Sophia out as a coach because in the past couple of years some habitual toxic patterns of thinking have crept in, and I thought it would be helpful to talk through them with a coach. I really liked that Sophia is practical and actively seeks strategies rather than passively discussing the topic for hours on end. She looks for ways to launch into action and also keep me accountable for my promises. I felt like every time we talked, another weight was lifted off my shoulders. It was very liberating and freeing.

Toronto, Canada