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Here’s my biggest lifehack for self-care….have a list of your Top 10 Go-To’s written on a post-it on your fridge and saved in your phone’s notes app.

When we’re in need of self care, our brain isn’t working optimally, hence the desire for self care, and can only focus on short-term alleviation of suffering (my default behaviour is numbing & binging with chips and netflix).

So, the way around this is to have a no-brain-needed list where I can easily see it. When I feel like I need/want self care, I look at my list and pick from these options:

1. Get outside!!! Get dog leash, get dog, get down to the lake.

2. Make a cup of English Breakfast tea. Sit on balcony. Breathe.

3. Call one of my besties. Receive their love and support.

4. Text one of my besties. Share that I’m feeling sad/angry/tired/etc. Receive their gratuitous heart emojis.

5. Set an intention every morning. Text it to my 2 friends who also share theirs each morning (accountability partners are everything!).

6. Use one of my meditation apps for guided mindfulness to lower stress & anxiety in 10 minutes.

7. Crank up girl-power pop music and practice my hip shimmies and sexy belly dance arm movements…the more jiggle the better!

8. Listen to a podcast that makes me laugh, cry, and learn. Current faves: Dear Sugar, The Moth, On Being.

9. Go to Body Blitz. ASAP! (This is a women’s only water circuit spa in Toronto, and it’s heavenly)

10. Watch Netflix. Not binge watching for 5 hours, but to relax and enjoy a couple of episodes.

BONUS: #11…self pleasure!  ;-D