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No Diet Day

Today is No Diet Day, and I remember the first time my Binge Eating Disorder therapist suggested that I stop trying to diet.  I stared at her, uncomprehending.  It didn't even make sense to my brain...NOT diet?  Did people even live this way?  It was only a few short...

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I’m too much

All my life, I've been told I'm too much...too big a personality...too large a body...too much the center of attention...too pretty for my own good...too loud...too high a sex drive...too big an eater...too threatening to the boys...too strong...too hairy...too big a...

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Sidebar About Sophia Apostol

Sophia Apostol is a Certified Professional Coach specializing in helping women #GrabLifeByTheLoveHandles from the bedroom to the boardroom.

As a curvy woman herself, she understands what it’s like living in a larger body, and supports clients who are ready to stop standing on the sidelines of their life and start living with Authentic Confidence.

Curvy Women Sisterhood