Curvy & Confident…

from the Boardroom to the Bedroom



You know those women, the ones with all the confidence?

They walk into a room and light it up.

People gravitate towards them like they’re sunshine.

And the way the speak and move and hold themselves

…damn, you’d like some of that!

So…What’s stopping you?


I love the confidence that exudes from Sophia’s social media posts and her website. I wanted that confidence!  Sophia is very authentic and practices what she preaches.  Her spirit and energy is awesome and contagious.  After sessions with her, I feel like I’ve had my own personal pep rally!  Sophia’s helped me focus on being aware and curious- and shown me how to have my superhero squad always with me.

Laura, Georgia

Here’s what I know about you…

Your life is pretty good and you’re proud of what you’ve accomplished so far, but there are some missing pieces still

You’ve done some self-development work and understand how your past has influenced the person you are today (maybe you’ve done some therapy or read some great self-help books)

You like learning about how to grow as a person, and you’ve got dreams to you want to turn into reality (maybe they’re even on a vision board)

You believe in something higher than yourself, whether you call it Universe, Source, God, you feel (or want to feel) the interconnectedness that exists between everything

You feel like you’re pushing up against a new threshold.  There’s some resistance and the feeling like you’re about to leave your comfort zone for the sake of creating magic.  You’re nervous and excited by the possibilities of what past this edge and what you have the power to create.  You’re ready to step into your boldness and confidence


You are always aware of your body size and how your confidence…from the boardroom to the bedroom…is negatively impacted by self-judgement and wishing your body was different

I was at a huge turning point in my life and I was struggling to find myself in the midst of the mayhem when I met Sophia and decided to work with her.  I heard her speak at an event at Sexy Plus, and I just knew from the way she interacted with the crowd that she would be a good fit for me! Something in me resonated with the life experiences she has had.  Working with Sophia is amazing! I was a little nervous before the first call, but she quickly put me at ease. I really appreciated how she asked questions helping us both discover things that I needed to deal with. I find myself using at least one of the tools she shared with me almost daily.  One of my biggest a-ha moments was realizing that taking time for myself actually makes me a better version of me for myself, my family, and my friends.  Now, I am more centered, and I have learned that if I spend time practicing mindfulness and journaling each morning, I have a much more enjoyable and successful day.

Lynn B., Ontario

So, again, I ask, what’s stopping you…

…from up-leveling your work situation?  From asking for that promotion?  From leading that big project?

…from inviting new friends into your life who really *see* you?  From setting firmer boundaries with certain family members?  From being more social and trying new activities?

…from letting go of yo-yo dieting to achieve some unattainable standard that’s imposed on us by pervasive diet culture?  From sitting down to a meal and actually enjoying the food without calculating the carbs and calories?  From finding food freedom?

…from loving your body exactly as it is?  From moving your body joyfully?  From putting on that bikini and going for a swim?

…from honouring your standards in what you want from a romantic partner?  From showing up on a date and being exactly who you are?  From being vulnerable and open-hearted with your partner?

…from proudly standing naked, with the lights on, in front of another person?  From asking for the type of pleasure you want to receive?  From exploring your desires and fantasies?



I wanted to work with Sophia because I had some questions about relationships and dating.  She projected such confidence and gave me some great tools to turn negativity into positivity.  I felt like I had her undivided attention, and she encouraged me to listen to my whole self- body, heart and mind. We narrowed the focus to a specific issue and came up with a plan I feel good about implementing.  One of my biggest a-ha moments was when she helped me realized that I don’t have to apologize for honoring myself.   I also realized that I don’t have to over-explain my choices. It’s such a relief to know that I have some new tools for staying grounded and communicating clearly.

Emily B, New Hampshire

I’ve spent years working with women just like you.  I’ve BEEN you.

Throughout my life, I’ve accomplished the markers of success:  university educated, marriage, home ownership, professional job, a dog, a 6-figure salary, etc. Too bad I couldn’t really appreciate them because of how I felt about my body.  My big, fat, body was always getting in the way of me feeling peace or joy.


Looking back at pictures, like from my first day of high school, I see a beautiful, athletic teenager.  What I remember about that day is so different.  I felt fat and ugly and embarrassed of everything about myself.  Every girl I knew was on a diet of some type, and we talked about how gross we were all the time.  I still remember how my best friend would push out her stomach, pat it, and ask if she looked fat.


We are completely indoctrinated by our culture to dislike our bodies and aim for some unattainable ideal.  When I finally opted-out of this madness, everything in my life improved!  As I began to eat intuitively, my binge eating disorder stopped triggering.  As I began to move my body joyfully by walking my dog, boxing, and belly dancing, my muscles grew strong and all my blood tests went from scary to normal.  As I worked with coaches to heal my body shame, I connected to my spiritual self and began to understand my life’s purpose.


And so I began training as a Coach, studying leadership, and learning the neuroscience behind our behaviour.  Recently, all my experience and knowledge poured out of me while I was up north at a cottage on a solo creative retreat.  It’s like the thousands of conversations I’ve had with women came together in my mind, and I had an Oprah-worthy AHA! moment.


Our feelings of worthiness and confidence are directly tied to our ability to love our bodies.  You cannot heal what you don’t love.  And you cannot take care of what you hate.


I’ve developed a program that takes clients through my 6 Levels of Confidence.  At each level, there will be blocks and saboteurs popping up to stop you, and we will resolve/destroy/heal/silence those Confidence Blockers together, including the negative feelings about your body.   As you move through the Levels, more and more of your Confidence emerges…and you immediately see the results in your life.


You’ll begin feeling courageous, resilient, and ready to do the things you know are right for you, but have been too nervous to commit to.  This is beautiful and powerful work, and it would be my honour to partner with you on the journey.  We aren’t meant to do deep self-work alone.  Think about every adventure movie and how working together solves the problems, beats the villain, and wins the day…Han & Luke & Leia, Star Trek crews, The Fellowship of the Ring (have I outed myself as a scifi/fantasy geek?).


Let’s take the next steps together.  I’ll shine the light on the path and be right by your side as you step forward.

I sought out a strong, feminine woman as a coach because I was trying to grow my capacity to relate to feminine women, and Sophia’s fierce courage and aliveness made her femininity not threatening to me. In our very first call to talk about whether we were a good match, her warmth, enthusiasm, humour, and commitment to my best possible future were evident.  I had profound shifts of awareness and stepped into some new areas of growth and development. And, she never let me sit in negative self-talk. In particular, she showed me how unaware I am of my own emotions and pushed me to become aware of my own inner experience at a new level. I am taking away a more nuanced experience of myself, greater courage, and a commitment to slowing down and checking in more often with what is true from an emotional perspective.

Kate A., Ontario

The biggest question I get is HOW do we actually do this (instead of just being stuck in our heads)?

This is where Coaching is awesome.  It’s all about the how.  For example, you likely know that Courage is the act of doing something even when you feel scared.  Well, how do you actually DO that?  How do you move past the fear and take the step?  I use tools, exercises, spiritual principles, and neuroscience to guide you and show you how.

We’re going to take these powerful Levels and move them from your conceptual understanding and make them your solid reality.

I’ve developed a confidence model that we’ll use to identify where your biggest struggle is, and what step to take next to move past it.


If you’re feeling excited, nervous, and like it’s time to finally get moving towards showing up in the world as your Most Confident Self, then let’s get started!

Book a 30 minute Confidence Chat with me , and you’ll walk away with 3 tools to begin using right away.

During our chat, I’ll get to know more about you and what blocks you’re facing and share with you what it would look like for us to work together if we feel  it’s a good fit.

I’m not sales-y.  And I’m only interested in coaching women who feel the resonance of a HELL YES! to working with me.  So, it’s a win-win either way. =)

Here’s some more info about me, and why I’m legit (written in the 3rd person for maximum professional effect)

Certified Professional Coach, Sophia brings 15 years of experience in the academic and corporate sectors to her client relationships. She builds resilience, courage, and authentic confidence by focusing on awareness, learning, growth, and emotional intelligence. Women who live aligned with their values, strengths, and creativity are able to pinpoint what is holding them back and can clearly see how to move forward. Sophia has worked with entrepreneurs, managers & executives, and academics who want fulfillment in both their career and personal lives.

With experience as a university instructor, company trainer, project manager, and sales director, Sophia is known and respected for her excellent communication skills, everyday leadership, and ability to create relationships. As a Coach, Sophia immediately builds trust and connection with her clients, honouring their distinctiveness and creating an environment for personal and professional growth.

A frequent conference presenter, she has expertise in public speaking on a variety of topics, including mindfulness & meditation, reducing stress & anxiety, authentic leadership, everyday confidence, self image & body confidence, self care, work-life integration, and interpersonal relationship development. Sophia has a Masters of Information Science, a Masters Certificate in Adult Training and Development, is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, a graduate of the Co-Active Leadership program, and is currently studying to become a Certified Neuro-Transformational Coach (which means she knows how what happens in the brain impacts our behaviour and choices).

Sophia volunteers as a Coach to students enrolled in George Brown College’s Business Program, and she has served on the Board of the Ontario Library Association and on the Executive Council as President for the Ontario College and University Library Association.

She has been interviewed as a Confidence Coach and guest expert on the television shows, “Creating Your Best Life Now” and “The Curve,” and on the radio show “Sex City.” She is a regular article contributor to “DARE Magazine” and “FabUPlus Magazine.”  She also received a Melissa McCarthy- inspired makeover on The Marilyn Dennis Show.

Sophia is super active on social media.  Check out her facebook, her Instagram, and her LinkedIn.  And she’s started a blog where she shares openly and vulnerably about her own journey to body confidence.


I was looking for a Coach to help with writing, but the deeper answer was that I needed to work through how to honour and validate my creativity, which is part of the core of my being. Sophia  came highly recommended by a friend, and in our first session, she was insightful, enthusiastic, and she also invited me to do the necessary work. Fabulous! I have learned a lot and always feel energized, validated, and completely on fire after each of our sessions! I am working from a different paradigm and loving it!