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Stop Waiting and Start Dating!

You Don't Have to Lose Weight to Get Dates!!!

Is dating feeling reallllly hard?

Are you stressed about dating as a curvalicious woman?

You are a woman living in a larger body.

You may call yourself curvy, plus-size, fat, voluptuous, or nothing at all...but the deep-down truth is that YOU KNOW your body size is keeping you from dating.

You're self-conscious about your body, and you worry that the cute man will take one look at you and be disappointed by what he sees.

You don't post full-body pics in your online dating profile because you don't want guys to eliminate you based on your body type.

When you go out, you anxiously try to find a "flattering" outfit that slims your tummy and tames your thighs. And if you don't find that outfit? Well, maybe you decide to just stay in for the night.

...and then when you DO date, you're stressed about your heart being broken

...and you keep attracting the same WRONG guys as if you've got a label on your forehead that says "emotionally unavailable men welcome!"

...and then, oh no!, what if he wants to have "sexy time" and you've got to be seen naked??!!!

I sooo get where you're coming from! I've been a fat, plus-size woman for the past 20 years, fluctuating between sizes 16-24, and I've dated at every size and dealt with every body insecurity.

Now, as a Certified Professional Coach, my entire focus is helping women date with ease, and fun, and more stress or second-guessing yourself. My goal is for you to date with confidence and feel sexy as hell while you do it!

I'm offering a fee-waived (aka FREE!!!) "Stop Waiting & Start Dating" Coaching Consultation where we can chat about what you're experiencing, what's stopping you, and you'll walk away with 3 customized tools to improve your dating life.

Book a free chat with me, and let's get you dating! Fill in your name and email... are TWO T.V. interviews that I've done:

This one is about dating as a curvalicious lady

This one is about self love, body acceptance, and some tips to get you started

Here are some lovely things clients have said about me...

For years I perceived love as a game with very high stakes and no room for error on my part. I second guessed myself at every turn and saw every bump in the road as a disaster. This made dating pressure-filled and exhausting.

Coaching with Sophia about relationships has allowed me to show up for love fully as myself, beautifully human. Sophia has taught me how to embrace my deeply-held values and I now navigate the path to love in a way that feels so good! I have a greater understanding of the kind of partner who will enrich my life and take time to celebrate the qualities that make me a great catch, too. Love is a journey, and, thanks to Sophia, I can now enjoy it.

Susan, Toronto

Our coaching helped me feel ready to be successful in a relationship- and with Sophia’s help, I created that relationship! She helped to develop both self-understanding and self-acceptance. Coaching gave me a safe and supportive place to do that, and a CHAMPION who saw my worth.

Cara, Vancouver

Talking with Sophia about relationships and love has helped me tap into what I really want in my relationships and see where I am holding myself back. Talking about my desires in that department often feels super vulnerable, but Sophia creates this safe and incredibly yummy space that is super fun AND super real – transformation with zero judgement. She’s the shit. I love her. I can’t recommend her enough.

Azalea Moen, Vancouver

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