Hello, I'm

Sophia Apostol.

Leadership Growth and

Career Success Coach

Let's build on your existing brilliance,

unlock your leadership potential,

and create sustainable success.

Maybe you're managing a team and struggling

with a few direct reports.

Maybe you're burned out from the stress of constant urgency and deadlines and change.

Maybe you're working really hard to get a promotion but feel like you're getting nowhere.

Maybe the politics and culture of your workplace have you step away from your workday exhausted every evening.

Maybe you're struggling with confidence and impostor syndrome and hoping no one finds out.

Wherever you are, whatever your challenges,

I’m here to walk beside you with curiosity, experience, and thought partnership.

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Some industries

I've worked with:

  • Tech
  • SaaS
  • Real Estate
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Pharma
  • Education
  • Wholesale

  • Aerospace
  • Financial
  • Legal
  • Entertainment
  • Insurance
  • Advertising
  • Consultancies
  • Manufacturing

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My coaching style is warm, enthusiastic, and direct. I'm going to tell you what I see...but I'll do it with some sugar.

I imagine you're feeling that tension between where you are right now contrasting with where you want to be as a people leader or individual contributor.

That space, that gorgeously frustrating gap, is where we're going to start. I've helped hundreds of clients over the past decade connect to a bigger vision for their work & life, get really clear on what's stopping them, and then create the momentum to achieve their goals.

So, if you're on a leadership journey (and fyi, everyone

is a leader, not just folks with a fancy title), then let's connect.

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About Me.

Well, I've got a bunch

of credentials:

  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through the International Coaching Federation

  • 2000+ hours of one-on-one coaching

  • thousands of hours of group facilitation and teaching experience
  • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) from the Co-Active Training Institute

  • Certified NeuroTransformational Coach (CNTC) from BeAbove Coaching

  • Co-Active Leadership Development Program

  • Group Coaching Fundamentals Certificate

  • Actionable Leadership Intelligence Instrument (ALII-map) Certified Facilitator from Envision Global Leadership

  • Adult Training and Development Masters Certificate

  • Masters in Information Science

Basically, what all those credentials mean is that I'm continually learning about how to be a better coach,

I love talking about the connection between biology and behaviour, and I'm really good at helping you identify that pesky Inner Critic that shows up and slows you down.

My own work experience is varied: sales director, marketing director, teacher, trainer, facilitator, project manager. I've worked for huge corporate organizations, government, and startups.

It's rare I have a client where I can't relate to what they do for work.

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I have a special interest in education and un-learning in the areas of anti-racism, neurodiversity, decolonialism, sizeism, and diversity, equity, and inclusion.

I live on the lands of the Attiwonderonk and Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation in what is now called Ontario, Canada with my new puppy Beatrice (who has become the Queen Bea of the household), my husband, and two teenaged step-children.

I'm trusting this gives you a sense of what it'd be like to coach together, and if it's feeling good, let's start.

See you soon!

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Kind Words

"Sophia Apostol skillfully led a group session for our library team, utilizing creative writing to foster self-exploration and enhance self-awareness. I received numerous positive responses from team members, expressing that they felt a sense of safety, support, and empowerment to thoroughly examine their own perspectives, leading to some unexpected discoveries. With the evolving nature of our work over the past four years, it's crucial to establish connections with colleagues and understand our places in the changing professional landscape. The session provided valuable opportunities for us to interact both with one another and ourselves, revealing our strengths and addressing shared challenges. Sophia, as a confident and compassionate facilitator, cultivated an environment where participants felt at ease sharing and learning from each other.“

- Jennifer Peters, Manager, Library Literacies & Instruction, Seneca College

"I was curious about coaching, and when I talked with Sophia, I was drawn to her warmth and passion. She’s very perceptive - and she’s really good at articulating the things that still seem a bit vague in my head. I suppose I thought that coaching was going to be more whipping me into shape - and lord knows I did enough of that myself already.

But instead, she helped me slow down and treat myself with greater gentleness so I could actually take a good look at what was going on. So I always look forward to our calls! I know that I'm going to learn something about my experience - a new lens to view it through - that will help me see with more clarity and live with more wisdom and compassion.

I've been wishing for this level of self-acceptance for YEARS, and had pretty much given up on it happening. Sophia’s perceptiveness, compassion, and creative use of personal story were crucial in helping me through the most important transformation of my life. I have huge gratitude for that."

- Cara, Vancouver

"I was at a huge turning point in my life and work, and I was struggling to find myself in the midst of the mayhem when I met Sophia and decided to work with her. I heard her speak at an event, and I just knew from the way she interacted with the crowd that she would be a good fit for me! Something in me resonated with the life experiences she has had. Working with Sophia is amazing! I was a little nervous before the first call, but she quickly put me at ease. I really appreciated how she asked questions, helping us both discover things that I needed to deal with. I find myself using at least one of the tools she shared with me almost daily."

- Lynn B., Mississauga

"I have been so inspired by Sophia’s ability to know what each of us needs to thrive. She sees our skills and our visions, and is able to remove the blockades that we erect for ourselves through gentle nudges toward better self-awareness. More than anything else, Sophia has taught me to have the courage to believe in myself, to take risks, and to claim my place. I am so grateful for her encouragement, her willingness to listen, and her empathy as I have been working through the murky waters of my own psyche.

- M., Toronto

"I sought Sophia out as a coach because in the past couple of years some habitual toxic patterns of thinking have crept in, and I thought it would be helpful to talk through them with a coach. I really liked that Sophia is practical and actively seeks strategies rather than passively discussing the topic for hours on end. She looks for ways to launch into action and also keep me accountable for my promises. I felt like every time we talked, another weight was lifted off my shoulders. It was very liberating and freeing. Now, after receiving coaching, I have daily activities to complete that keep me mindful, truthful to myself, and living in the moment. I have identified the saboteurs and have strategies to deal with the nasty little things!"

- Jennifer, Toronto

Sophia’s thoughtful and well-prepared workshops, her generous calm, her confident and respectful facilitation skills, bring out the best in all of us. I’ve loved the broad repertoire of strategies - playful, reflective, generative – that Sophia draws on to incite our creativity and help us explore.

I’ve loved the genuine enthusiasm and appreciation she shows for our work, modeling for us the most effective and supportive ways of giving feedback and encouragement. I’ve loved how she engages each one of us in the group, with our different projects, by meeting us on our ground, discerning the invisible gems, identifying our strengths, and celebrating those. It has been a total pleasure to learn and grow and work with Sophia this past year.

- L., Toronto

Sophia is an exceptional coach, who helped me through the early stage of my professional career. She taught me the importance of breaking down large goals into smaller actionable tasks and held me accountable for completing those tasks. I also learned the significance of reflecting, maintaining a growth mindset, and celebrating the small wins, while staying focused on the ultimate goal. This strategy helped me get promoted twice in 18 months and gave my career a surge of timely momentum.

I've genuinely enjoyed being coached by Sophia and would highly recommend working with her for anyone looking to strategically advance their career and improve their mindset.

- Yagnesh Patel, Mamba Mentality

Sophia’s big picture skills/ superpowers- kindness, genuine passion for helping people, being able to pinpoint people’s strengths. I don’t even know where to start! Sophia- you have a gift for making people feel valued and included. You create a truly safe space for us to share our work, our vulnerabilities. You are able to adapt to the vibes of the group and create options for all of us, even if we are feeling differently. You have been a cheerleader for all of us! You are able to encourage us and you see the best parts of us and our work.

I think one of the biggest things that strikes me when I look back on these nine months- is the tremendous amount of support I’ve felt. The positive energy I have received from this coaching has happily spilled over to other aspects of my life. Thank you for that Sophia!

- R., Toronto

I thought I was simply getting coaching to prepare for my interviews. Instead, I received coaching that helped completely transform my mindset! Through Sophia's coaching and strategies I easily discovered my strengths which made me go into interviews more prepared and confident. To this day I still use many of Sophia's "brain hacks" both at work and my personal life.

- Yaseline Munoz, Google

Sophia is a phenomenal coach who supported me throughout some of the most successful quarters of my career! Working with Sophia helped me exceed my goals and taught me tangible practices that I still use to balance work with my personal life and further my career. I highly recommend her - Sophia is kind, warm, and a genuine pleasure to work with!

- Andie Prandini, Marco Experiences

My work with Sophia Apostol has dramatically improved my skills as a facilitator. My clients tell me all the time they can tell how invested I am, and how much they appreciate how I'm showing up as a facilitator. Sophia has made me feel safe to bring her a range of complex issues, and talked me down more than once when something difficult has come up in one of my groups. Having her support has reduced my stress an enormous amount, and allowed me to show up and support my clients in much deeper, more meaningful ways.

- Tarzan Kay Kalryzian, Email Marketing Strategist

When I first started with Sophia, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I had joked about it for some time, but I was now a Junior in college and started to panic. Although I had my friends and family to speak with about this topic, I knew I needed a mentor that would not only guide me to landing my dream job but help me through every small step in the process. Two months of sessions turned into a year and a half of zoom calls every other week. Sophia walked me through countless exercises to narrow down my job interests, prepped me for every interview I had, and last, but definitely not the least, encouraged me every step of the way.

As I sit here as a graduating senior this upcoming May, I will say that I would have been able to accomplish my goal of getting my dream job as a graduating senior without Sophia. She gave me the confidence to succeed and I will take everything she taught me with me in the real world!

-Annie Hardin, Adobe

I wanted help with my job search, the interview process, and negotiating a job offer. Sophia is warm and encouraging and had previously helped me clarify my thinking when weighing two job options. So now, a few years later when I’m considering a major move, I felt she could help me focus in on the right questions and clarify my choices. Sophia helped me realize that the job I wanted wasn't necessarily the one other people wanted me to take. We did this by reframing the decision in terms of my overall values and not just career progression. This gave me some new tools for staying grounded and communicating clearly, and I realized that I don't have to over-explain my choices to anyone as long as I’m aligned within myself.

-Anne, Vancouver

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Connect with me:

Sophia’s LinkedIn profile can be found here: linkedin.com/in/sophiaapostol